Collaborative Project

I took this photograph when Katherine and I were photographing our still life. We thought this lighting was the perfect one for the mysterious, strange collection.


Moroccan Store

When I went on a car ride with my sister, I went to a Moroccan store. In that Morroccan store, I found really cool knick knacks and cool designs.

Blue tint

These are a couple places I saw on a car ride with my sister. Her car has blue tints and when i took these photo, I realized that it showed.


I took these two photographs in the same place. I thought the fence looked interesting and without the fence it looked somewhat interesting.

Do Not Litter

I took this photograph whilst walking at the sea. I found it interesting because of all the littering that people do in the ocean, and how disregarded this sign seems. It has graffiti and is torn off on the sides.


I took this photograph in a eerie staircase. I was taking the stairs because the elevator was taking too long and I found that they were very mysterious and scary and the lighting fit it really well.


I took these photos of a giraffe at the zoo. I really liked how the sunlight made them silhouettes. This was my first time seeing a giraffe this close and I was amazed.

Ferris Wheel.

I took this on the top of a Ferris wheel. This was at a carnival and i thought the lights looked really cool, so to show off the lights more than the actual carnival, because of all the distractions, I make it blurry.

Theme and Variation.

This is a collection of collages that I did for a class. The assignment for this was theme and variation, my theme is people but to make it more interesting, i cut pieces of their faces off and added a pattern, or  color,etc.

Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison

Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison are collaborative photographers. They work mainly with the relationship between humans, technology and nature. They try to portray the incapabilities of technology that are promised to the consumers.¬†They do this because there are many negative impacts when humans and technology manipulate nature. This topic always attracts me because humans tend to use machinery for ‘the greater good’ and to mass produce, but in the end, it affects all aspects of human life by depleting our natural resources.